Speech and Language

Speech and Language Evaluations 

The Evaluation Process:

  • An initial interview is conducted prior to the initiation of testing.  The purpose of this interview is to: determine the primary presenting concern, attain a strong understanding of the developmental, academic, and medical history, as well as to discern response to previous therapy programs.
  • A thorough review of all prior evaluations; including psychological, academic, speech and language, and occupational therapy
  • When warranted, an observation of the individual in their classroom or home environment will be scheduled.
  • After careful consideration of all evaluations and reports, a battery of speech and language tests will be identified that will effectively measure the individual’s current speech and language functioning.
  • After scoring and review of the individual’s test performance,  a meeting will be scheduled to discuss results, as well as to provide appropriate recommendations.
  • Upon conclusion of the evaluation process, a formal and comprehensive written evaluation will be provided.