Neuropsychological and Psychoeducational

Neuropsychological and Psychoeducational Evaluations

The battery of assessments is individually designed to address areas of concern, but all evaluations contain:

    • A detailed developmental history that addresses academic, physical, and social development
    • A thorough review of all school reports, previous evaluations and other pertinent data regarding the individual’s academic, medical, and social development
    • Observations of the individual in his/her current classroom environment (if applicable); interviews with relevant school personnel; teacher and parent input in the form of questionnaires, rating scales, or classroom assessments
    • If applicable, and with consent, interviews with the individual’s tutor, therapist, or other professionals who can provide relevant data
    • A formal evaluation consisting of an individually administered battery of tests to measure intellectual ability, perceptual and perceptual-motor functioning, language and processing skills, executive function skills, academic achievement, visual and auditory memory, attention and concentration, and social/emotional adjustment. This evaluation may take place over multiple sessions in order to obtain an accurate representation of an individual’s current functioning.
  • A feedback session to discuss the results of the evaluation and a detailed, written report that includes recommendations will be provided