Occupational Therapy Evaluation

Occupational Therapy Evaluations

An occupational therapy evaluation assesses the impact of occupational performance on school-based activities. We use diagnostic tools to examine: fine and gross motor skills, visual perceptual and visual motor skills, sensory processing, functional participation, and occupational behaviors. Through diagnostic testing, intervention programs are designed to assess and address the unique needs of individuals, reduce barriers to learning, and promote independent participation in all domains.

The Evaluation Process:

A comprehensive occupational therapy evaluation is designed to identify the various elements which impact an individual’s occupational behavior related to participation in the academic process.  The assessments utilized during a comprehensive occupational therapy evaluation address the following areas:

  • Interview to discuss developmental history, participation in activities of daily living, and current concerns.  The use of teacher and parent questionnaires may be incorporated to assess sensory modulation across environments.
  • A thorough review of previous occupational therapy evaluations and progress/discharge reports and other pertinent data regarding the individual’s academic, medical, and social development
  • A comprehensive evaluation consisting of individually administered assessments to measure:  visual perceptual and visual motor skills, handwriting, fine motor skills, bilateral skills, sensory processing and modulation, and sensory-based motor skills.  In addition, clinical observations of underlying gross motor and postural skills will be incorporated during administration of the various assessments.  This evaluation may take place over multiple sessions, dependent upon the individual’s needs, in order to obtain an accurate representation of an individual’s functioning.
  • Classroom or home observation of individual (if applicable)
  • A feedback session to discuss the results of the evaluation and recommendations
  • A detailed, written report will be provided that includes recommendations for service provision and a treatment plan.