Executive Function

Executive Function Evaluation

Executive function skills are critically important to the the successful completion of activities that students engage in on a daily basis. Difficulties with Executive Function can manifest in a multitude of ways. Examining the underlying processes involved in an individual’s executive function allows for a more detailed approach to identification, intervention, and accommodation.

The evaluation process will include:

  • Execution of a detailed developmental history that addresses academic, physical, and social development.
  • Completion of a thorough review of all school reports, previous evaluations and other pertinent data regarding the individual’s academic, medical, and social development.
  • Conducting observations of the individual in his/her current classroom environment (when applicable.)
  • If applicable, and with consent, completion of interviews with the individual’s tutor, therapist, or other professionals who can provide relevant data.
  • Administration of relevant assessments that identify specific areas of difficulty.
  • Completion of relevant rating scales by teachers and parents and individual (when applicable.)
  • Leading a feedback session with student/parents to discuss the results of the evaluation and the subsequent recommendations.
  • A detailed, written report that includes recommendations will be provided to share with relevant individuals.