ADHD Evaluations

The screening process for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity DIsorder (ADHD) involves gathering information from multiple sources such as parents and teachers to distinguish the types of behaviors displayed and their impact on learning and the student’s daily life. In addition to student observation, a thorough review of past school records, evaluations and developmental history will be conducted.

The screening process will involve:

  • Conducting a detailed developmental history that addresses academic, physical, and social development.
  • Reviewing all school reports, previous evaluations and other pertinent data regarding the individual’s academic, medical, and social development.
  • Observations of the individual in his/her current classroom environment (when applicable.)
  • Conducting, with consent, interviews with the individual’s tutor, therapist, or other professionals who can provide relevant data.
  • Completion of relevant rating scales by teachers and parents and individual (if applicable.)
  • Providing a feedback session to discuss and explain the results of the screener.  
  • A detailed, written report that includes recommendations will be provided to share with relevant individuals.