Pennington Post – Pennington’s Cambridge School celebrates 10 years of brightened futures

The local private school, designed to give kids with learning differences the best quality education, is hitting its 10-year milestone.

When Tom and Joan Brown’s daughter, Kathryn, was attending public elementary school, she wasn’t getting the sort of intimate, comprehensive education she needed to help overcome the limits put on her by dyslexia. There were services provided, but only those that required Kathryn be periodically pulled from class, interrupting her schedule and alienating her from other students. Kathryn’s parents felt it best to seek out a new school, a school that could better address her language and learning struggles.

They saw an ad for an open house at Cambridge School, a private, Pennington-based institution committed to providing optimum education to students who learn differently. Attending the open house, they met co-founder and head of school Deborah Peters, who made quite the impression.

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